3. Assemble the panels

Side to side adjustment of the door with Series 200 and F hinges.

1. Press the cam into face board

After front side adjustment is made with the locking devices,

rotate the rear side adjustment left or right to re-align the back

of the drawer box with the front. Drawer back moves in the same direction as rotation.

Press up on adjustment tab

Maximum 5 (3/16") rise of drawer back (tool-free) 

The Adjustment screw operates in conjunction with the inner leaf of the hinge arm. The door moves in one plane - parallel to carcase and without a gap developing between the door and the carcase.

No further adjustments are necessary. There is no gap to reduce.

Height adjustment by cam

Compensating side adjustment. A patented system exclusive to all Salice 100, 200, F and B series hinges.

Height adjustment with mounting plates models  BARxR.

Closet door sizes 

Tilt adjustment




This page has both documents and videos for you to refer to, to make your design and installation experience smooth.

File drawers 

Closet doors heights 

2a. Either push dowel into edge hole or...

High adjustment is made without loosening any screws. The door can be moved vertically +- 2mm simply rotating the cam adjuster incorporated in this range of mounting plates

Side adjustment

with side adjustment

+2.8 mm

- 0.5 mm

Shipping methods

Side adjustment


Side adjustment

4.Tighten cam to lock dowel

Closet installations videos


Closet drawers 

Vertical divider heights 


2b. Insert dowel into side panel

Maximum 1.5 (1/16") to left or right (tool-free) 

Depth adjustment by cam.

Rotate the tilt adjustment lever on the rear of each runner to tilt the top of the drawer front forward 


​​Assembly with cam and dowels

Rotate side adjustment left or right equally on both locking devices.

Drawwer front moves in the same direction as rotation

Closet VP Drilling 

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Rear side adjustment

Depth adjustment with DOMI snap-on mounting plates model BARXR.

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An ingenious adjustment system allows the door to be moved laterally without changing the gap behind the door (the "L" value of 0.7 mm remains constant)

Maximum 3 (1/8") rise of drawer front (tool-free) 


Non outrigger

closet door sizes


Frontal adjustment is made without loosing any screws. The door can be moved frontally from -0.5 to +2.8 mm simply by rotating the cam adjuster in this range of mounting plates.

Jewelry Tray Formula

Hinge adjustment 

NOTE: Side adjustment not available on T51.x8xx locking devices

Push towards back of drawer

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Blum Undermount Slide Adjustment 

Assemble with closet fitters

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NOTE: Height adjustment available on all TANDEM locking devices


Expanding housings and dowels provide a tight joint

+2 mm

- 2 mm

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Door ordering

Allmoxy help videos

Maximum 1.5 (1/16") to left or right (tool-free) 

Corner shelves

Rod Standards - double Hang 

Vertical divider to the floor heights 

Notches and cutouts 

Rod standards - mid hang 

Fixed shelves for dividers 

Rod standards - long hang 

Closet vertical panel heights