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​​​​Step 10               Tops & Uppers                               Click Here

Step 2                 Reach-in Closets                           Click here

​​​​Step 12               Hutch w/Counter                            Click Here

​​​​Step 13               Fillers Dividers & Cubbies            Click Here

Step 3                  Modifying Reach-ins                    Click here

​​​​Step 15               Obstructions                                  Click Here

Step 5                 Basic Walk-In                                 Click here

Step 7                 Angled Wall Closet                        Click here

​​​​Step 11               Islands and Countertops               Click Here

​​Step 6                 Irregular Shaped Closet                Click here

​​​​Step 16               Proposals                                       Click Here

Design and sell closets today. Add to your profits with our high margin program. See real time pricing and generate instant proposals for your customers with 2D and 3D drawings.

Our process guides you through the design and parts ordering. Free design software - web based - nothing to install in your computer and at not cost. You can design on any device: laptoop, tablet or smartphone.

  • 35 Colors
  • 5 doors styles
  • 4 hardware finishes
  • 6 day lead time

Step 8                 Slanted Ceailings                          Click Here

ClosetPro Help Videos

  • Pickup or delivery available                                                                         
  • Replacement parts in 24 hours                                                                     
  • Email and phone support available                                                               
  • Shipped as a complete kit with all attaching hardware                                 

Introduction                                                               Click here

Step 4                 Basic Pantry                                   Click Here

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Step 9                 Customizing Units                         Click Here

Step 1                 Set-up                                             Click here

Be in the closet business and compete with the big boys in minutes in minutes. With video tutorials to show you how it is all done.

Design a walk in closet in minutes. Wholesale to business only.

​​​​Step 14               3D Crown & Base                           Click Here

Real time pricing

2D & 3D drawings and quotes "customer ready"

Video tutorials get you up and running fast